kakejiku art is an art group of Japanease craftsmen and talented artists who aim to spread KAKEJIKU, known as Japanese hanging scroll, to people all over the world. We believe that KAKEJIKU is one of the best interior decoration for nowadays art collectors to enjoy life with art.


2020.02.07exhibition "kakejiku art by creators" held in Osaka Toyo Kitchen Style Showroom NEW!

2020.02.07Neo Japonism Art Fair in Osaka (2nd) in MIGALLERY, Osaka NEW!

2019.12.17Exhibited in "Hong Kong HKDesignInspire", Hong Kong

2019.11.20Exhibited in "Tokyo Bamboo Expo", Tokyo

2019.10.25Neo Japonism Art Fair in Gifu (2nd) started

2019.10.10Exhibited in "machi-décor", Osaka

2019.10.01Exhibition of works by Tadashi Kudomura at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

2019.09.07Atsuki Settangeli's kakejiku art work will be exhibited at FCCJ, Tokyo

2019.06.07Yonehara Yasuhara's kakejiku artwork will be exhibited at Myoan Gallery, Tokyo

2019.04.16Marcestel Squarciafichi kakejiku artwork, displayed in Ginza Art Hall, Tokyo

2019.02.28Kakejiku art work will be exhibited at FCCJ, Tokyo

2019.02.13kakejiku art in Osaka NEW!

2019.01.08kakejiku art in HARAJUKU, TOKYO

2018.12.09Welcome Mr Shoryu Hatoba to kakejiku art

2018.09.11Welcome Ms MOMOCO to kakejiku art

2018.08.02Welcome Mr Atsuki Settangeli to kakejiku art

2018.07.19kakejiku art in 「ART FORMOSA 2018」, Taiwan

2018.07.19Welcome Mr Haruyasu Yanagi to kakejiku art

2018.07.19Welcome Mr Ryoto Akaike to kakejiku art

2018.07.09new exhibition with HARUYASU YANAGI from 12th to 17th of July

2018.05.25Shinsuke Kawahara x kakejiku art in PARIS

2018.05.25Welcome Mr Shinsuke Kawahara to kakejiku art

2018.05.13Welcome Mr Yayumasa Yonehara to kakejiku art

2018.02.06new kakejiku by Giacomo Valentini released

2018.02.02thank you for coming our reception party of "KAKEJIKU REVOLUTION" HOT!

2018.01.15PR video released

2018.01.05kakejiku art in HONG KONG

2017.12.14Press Release of exhibition "KAKEJIKU REVOLUTION"

2017.12.07Welcome Mr Franco Giulio Giacomel to kakejiku art

2017.12.06Yasumasa Yonehara x kakejiku art in TAIWAN

2017.12.03「Kakejiku Revolution - Giacomo plugged in Japan -」exhibition coming in Feb, 2018

2017.06.03 We are holding our first exhibition to display the kakejiku art work designed by 6 world-famous artists on 6/30.