MOMOCO is a young and talented female painter disseminating herself with art internationally. Before she started her career as a painter in 2016, she had worked as a fashion designer with a major apparel brand for 10 years. In 2017, she was invited to have live preformance "MAGIC"(Las Vegas), one of the world's largest exhibitions. Taking advantage her long experience as a designer, she incorporate new trends and fashion colors in her artwork.

·2015 60-meter mural at the Kyobashi Redevelopment Project in 2015 with a member led by "Satoshi Takeshi"
· 2016 Created huge art on the entire building with craftmen during "Sendai Daikokuya Mural Painting Project"
· 2016 Live painting performance at the store of Spain's jewelry brand 'UNO de 50'for its 20th anniversary, Ginza
· 2016 solo exhibition at "328" gallery, Shibuya
· 2017 Live performances invited from the world's largest fashion exhibition "MAGIC", Las Vegas
· 2017 Live performances at "IFF MAGIC" , Big Sight, Tokyo
· 2017 Made 30-meter-width artwork with children at "Sakura Festival", Tennozu Isle
· 2017 Made art from 1st floor to 9th floor of "Aqua Citta", Okinawa
· 2017 Live Painting at pop-up retail of Chloe.
· 2018 Made pop-up portraits in Hiroo.
· 2018 Created the design for the tokyo-infiorata. 3 locations in Kioicho "The Prince Gallery" and 1 place in Akasaka Intercity.
· 2018 Chosen as one of the "Active Women" by "Fujisan Kei Business Eye" economic newspaper"
· 2018 Selected as an artist representing Tokyo in "ARI AIR" sponsored by "NIKE". Held a weekly live painting during the event

· 2014 Mural paintings created in "Lasagna Lasagna", Omotesando
· 2015 Mural painting in "BAR 7312", Shibuya
· 2016 Package design of a herbal tea brand
· 2017 Mural drawing at "VILLA DEL SOL", Ebisu
· 2017 Mural painting for "Koshigoshi Glaming Beach".
· 2017 Mural painting at "BAR S", Shibuya
· 2018 Mural painting at "Tokyo Oden Odon Love Story", Ebisu
· 2018 Mural painting at "Ocean Bluebird", Ebisu
· 2018 Live painting at the event of whiskey brand "Sea Bass"
· 2018 Goog | Selected as 9 Japanese artists by Google at the release of e pixel 3
· 2019 In charge of designing 4 infiorata at The Prince Gallery
· 2019 Kis-My Album "FREE HAGS" Release Commemorative Live Paint
· 2019 In charge of designing the giant infiorata at the 2019 Yokohama Bay Quarter
· 2019 Omotesando Hills "impefect" live paint
· 2019 Successful performance of 7M live paint on the stage of former Takarazuka top star Kaname Otori
· 2019 Live painting at the Gunma-Vietnam Exchange Festival held at the Gunma Prefectural Office
· 2019 Appeared on BS Fuji "Break Eve"
· 2020 In charge of art direction at OPEN Hotel WBF Shin-Osaka Sky Tower
· 2021 GINZA SIX Giant flower creation