Atsuki Settangeli



Born in Tokyo。In 1995, his painter activities began。In 2010, Atsuki started his famous art series "SAMURAI SPIRIT" since received advice from Yoko Ono and Keisuke Ono. He presented exhibition to New York, Tokyo, Molfetta, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

2011 Solo exhibition "Tenchi-Shinmei: Atsuki Settengeli’s World / Esoteric buddhism", held in the Official Residence of the Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama(Tokyo, Japan)
2013 2nd Prize of the 7th 100 artsits competition in NYC (Brooklyn NYC, USA)
2017 AFJ presents~The 160th friendship between France and Japan Exhibition in French Embassy(Tokyo, Japan)
2017 Special Premium Art book ~Atsuki Settangeli’s SAMURAI SPIRIT~ pulished (100 limited edition)
2018 SAMURAI SPIRIT Exhibition from Anma Samurai Museum Collection in Tokugawa Museum(Nagoya, Japan)
2018 Solo Exhibition "New Dawns of the Samurai Spirit" curated by Kyoko Sato at WhiteBox(NYC, USA). With the popularity of famous journalist Mr. Mark Block, the total number of postings including local newspapers and websites became a big topic.

Owners the main works and art book
"Royal Highness Emanuele Filberto of Savoy" / Old kingdom of Italy(Italy/ Swiss)
The 69th Yokozuna champion of Sumoh wrestring"HAKUHOH" and The 72th Yokozuna
Champ"KISENOSATO" (Tokyo / Japan)
Anma Samurai museum collection : 4 artworks(Aichi prefecture / Japan)
Stephen Globus(NY Manhattan / USA)
Ouchi-Gallery : 3 artworks(NY Brooklyn / USA)
WhiteBox : 2 artworks permanent preservated (NYC / USA)