Franco Giulio Giacomel

Designer / Artist

Born in Italy, attended school of Art in Treviso (VE) and Cologne, inspired by Carlo Scarpa opened his own workshop in Zurich Switzerland 1972. Giacomel’s artistic education background originates from the traditional artisanry of stained-glass. Unique to his work process is to fully integrate his artwork concept, design and execution entirely by himself. This secures that the final artwork is the closest possible to the original artist’s vision.

His inspirations come from a symbiosis of simple forms with contrasting colors and native surroundings. Shaping intuitive emotions with metal and glass to give life to abstract concepts, inspiring the mind beyond everyday reality. Highlights in his career are the various altar installations in the main sanctuary of the Einsiedeln Abbey, the most famous place of pilgrimage in Switzerland. His works are located in various private collections and public installations.

The art selection of this Kakejiku art was inspired by his visit to Naoshima island and his interpretation of Japan.