Yasumasa Yonehara

Artist / Photographer / editor


Born in Japan. Well known as the creative director of magazine "egg", Yonehara has been been deeply connected with popular trend "Japanese Gal culture" since 1995. He pulished magazines "Aufoto" and "smart girls" which are famous for introducing the newest street fashion and culture of young girls in Tokyo.

In 2003, Yonehara started his art activity as an artist and photographer. He is also known as an artist who uses Instax(a kind of instant camera produced by Fujifilm Co.) as his main equipment of photography. He takes active parts in various magazines and fashion catalogs.

Yonehara is aggrestive to introduce Japanese pop culture to the world. Now, his artwork attracts attention not only from Japan, but also from Asian countries, Europe and the United States. One of the highlights in his career is his 2.35 millions followers on "Weibo"(one of the most popular social media sites in China).