Ryoto Akaike



Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art&Design. After that completed Nihonga painting master's degree of Tama Art University. He extracts motifs and ideologies from deities and Buddha, as an existence to save people living in a society of information overload, and expresses it using techniques and materials of Japanese art.

NEW CITY ART FAIR Taipei2015 in Taipei, Taiwan
Monsters Exhibition 2015 in NewYork
Art Fair SAPPORO, 2015 in Sapporo
Art Fair kaosyun2015 in Kaohsiung
The art fair +plus ultra 2015 at Aoyama Spiral in Tokyo
Japanese Contemporary Art Show at Central Embassy in Bangkok
ART TAINAN2016 in Taiwan, Solo Exhibition at MDNA Kitchen Salon in Tainan
ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 in Tokyo
Young Art Taipei2017 in Taipei, Taiwan
The Edge Tip of contemporaryArt at Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Aichi
Sense Exhibition vol.2 at Tennouzu, Tokyo
Art Formosa2017 in Taipei
FineArtCollection at Nagoya Matsuzakaya
ART STAGE JAKARTA2017 in indnesia
Lalanta fineart in Thailand Group Exhibition in Bangkok
Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2017 in Malaysia
ART KAOHSIUNG2017 in Kaohsiung
[Akaike Ryoto Solo Exhibition] at MDNA Kitchen Salon in Tainan, Taiwan
ART HSINCHU in Hsinchu, Taiwan
KorekaraJapon×MonsterExhibition in Barcelona